Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finished pieces and new starts

I have finished stithing 3 more bookmarks now i just need to make them into bookmarks. I have also tried to start making scarves without crochet becasue I haven't firgured out how yet. It still needs some work. I have been working on my first ornament for the SAL. I am making a valentine one. but it seems that I am doing more frogging then stitching on it.

first finish on 2012

last finish 2011

2nd finish of 2012

first try at a braided scraf


  1. Your bookmarks are so nice!!!


  2. I have the same book with these bookmarks in it. I am making the one with the hummingbirds for daughter. Have you tried knitting on one of those handheld looms (Knifty Knitter is one brand)? Very easy and they knit up right quick.

  3. Nice bookmarks! Love the scarf and colors in it!

  4. Your bookmarks looks awesome!! Love the scarf. So colorful and fun :)