Sunday, January 22, 2012

starting a new challenge

I am starting a new challenge. But I am going to need help. I want to stitch as many Lizze Kate's snippet or flip it that I can this year. I will also mix in some other item. If anyone has any that they want to trade or sell please let me know. I have already done 2. (Be mine Valentine, Love is..)I have 15 lined up I am still looking for more.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy day!!

My day started out bad!! I looked out my kitchen window to see if someone had cleaned my driveway or not all I saw was footprints. I open the door and someone had stolen my shovel. I knew the drifts we to deep to drive thou I called my neighbor to see if I could use her shovel. I finally got everything cleaned out. The next thing that we wrong is my cat got scared of something and knocked over 2 plants sitting by the window. Today was to be a day to stay in and stitch and work on other craft items. After all of that I finally could sit down and work. I finished the pieces that post before and another into ornaments and put them up on my facebook page. I have also done on that I can't show yet I am going to put into the ILCS valentine Compensation. I also made a hair band for someone but I am thinking of selling them also. Would you purchase it? I sold one for $3.25 is that a good price? I am making chili for dinner and then I am stitching for the rest of the night. I need to get started on my cousin wedding gift. It is call Love Always

Saturday, January 14, 2012

First ornament of the year

My first ornament for the SAL I am also going to try to get a bookmark done each month it depends on how fast I can the wedding gift that I need to have done by the end of June if not before so I can get it framed for a wedding in July. And of course I haven't started it yet. I have the pattern it is call Love Always I have the fabric but I am still debating before 2 colors so hopfully I will get help Sunday and can start this week. I am also working on making scraves. All the ornaments, bookmarks and scraves that I make are for sell on my facebook page Crosstitched with love. 

Be Mine Valentine

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finished pieces and new starts

I have finished stithing 3 more bookmarks now i just need to make them into bookmarks. I have also tried to start making scarves without crochet becasue I haven't firgured out how yet. It still needs some work. I have been working on my first ornament for the SAL. I am making a valentine one. but it seems that I am doing more frogging then stitching on it.

first finish on 2012

last finish 2011

2nd finish of 2012

first try at a braided scraf

Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting Started

This is was one of my new year's resolutions was to start a page on my crafts. I love to cross stitch and would like to start some other crafts. One of my resolution is to move to a new place I am looking to move North Carlonia I hope within this year. I am taking part in the ornament SAL. I have also started a new facebook page where I am selling my ornaments, bookmarks, stash and other crafts that I may thou out the year. The page Crosstitched with Love also. Hopefully you will come and see what I have. Hopefully I will finish a bookmark this weekend and start working on my cousin's wedding gift.