Friday, July 6, 2012

Hanging in There

Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. I have been really depressed this time around. Still haven't found a job and that has taken it toll on me. I had to more less had to fight with unemployment to get my claim processed. I went 12 weeks without check because they weren't processing claims.  The only way that I could get way from everything was to stitch.  I have been keeping up with the Lizzie Kate progress. I am looking more and more to move to North Carolina as soon as I get a job offer I am there. I have had some people asking me to make them some greeting card. If anyone knows anyone that are will to make cards let me know. I am looking to puchase birthday, etc cards that for the fronts are blank so I can add a cross stitch piece on the front.


  1. I hope you get a job offer soon.

    I found some blank note cards in the scrapbooking/card making area of JoAnns and Hobby Lobby. I'm sure Michaels probably has them too. They come in solid colors or designs. I've purchased both styles and attach my cross stitched piece to the front of the card. They aren't the kind of card that has an opening in the front that frames your stitched piece.

  2. Jody
    where IN North Carolina are you looking at moving too?
    I may have just card stock-- that can be used as cards..
    let me know. I will go & look & see what I can find.
    email me @